Corporate Gift Ideas: 15 Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees in 2021

Corporate gifting has reached an all time high. Corporate gifts now a days are not only considered for employees’ birthdays or special occasions such as Diwali or New Years, but also as a method for retaining employees. The latest fad right now is to choose eco-friendly products, even in gifting. Unarguably, it is a trend that is here to stay. Not only are eco-friendly gifts beneficial for the environment, they are beneficial to our health too!

Over the past couple of years, companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint in as many ways as they can, and one great way to do it is to go sustainable with eco-friendly corporate gifts and events. Rather than gifting items to employees with plastic packaging which add to the waste pile, companies are gifting more eco-friendly products, with gifts ranging from planting kits to sustainable stationery. Loopify ensures that your corporate gifting can be completely plastic-free, with our range of 100% plastic-free, honest, ethical and thoughtful gifts that go a long way for your people, and our planet.

Here are some of the top corporate gift ideas from Loopify that are great options both for your employees and the planet!

1. Nature Lover’s Desk Organizer

Nature Lover's Desk Organizer

While your employees are doing their best, a little help in organizing their tasks would significantly improve their efficiency. A great gift for your employees is this functional, adorable, and beautiful stationery set with a sustainable twist. This gift box contains a diary, a foldable pen stand, a visiting card holder and little box to hold lose notes. It’s made of natural materials such as cow dung. Do not worry, there is no smell of it. This kit is 100% recyclable too! It is a perfect gift for all stationery and nature lovers.

2. Copper Water Bottle - 1 ltr

Handcrafted Mandala Lantern & Copper Water Bottle - 1 ltr

A great alternative to plastic disposable or reusable bottles is copper bottles. We all are aware of health benefits copper can provide. Customisable with your company logo, these copper bottles not only contribute to the wellness of the environment but provide health benefits for the gift receivers as well. These are one of the best corporate gift ideas as they make employees feel that they are a part of an organisation that values and respects their contribution.

3. Note Books That Grow

Note Books That Grow

To make sure your stationery in office is sustainable, you can purchase some biodegradable & eco-friendly notebooks that grow. Once you have used the paper and do not have any use for it, you don’t need to throw it away, but you can plant it into the soil! Take a pot with soil or place the paper in the garden, and ensure it stays moist and exposed to partial sunlight. Soon, you will see the seeds from the paper sprout and gradually the paper bio-degrades itself. This is a great way to encourage your employees to use products that are good for the planet and for the organisation! These notebooks are customizable with the company logo.

4. Jute Side Sling Bag

Jute Side Sling Bag

This sling bag is an attractive option to regular cloth bags. Highly utilitarian and compact, this bag allows you to carry all your lightweight items around with ease.And it perfect for every day use too. Made of 100% jute fabric, this product is beautiful and makes every occasion special. Additionally, jute is known for its durability making the bag extremely resistant and does not require much maintenance either. This can be a great addition to a gift hamper for your female employees!

5. Go Green Herb Garden

Go Green Herb Garden

To encourage your employees to cultivate a green thumb, you can gift them their own little herb garden! Everything in this hamper is plantable – the Grow your Greens Kit, notebook, pencils and diyas. This gift hamper contains plantable products to bring the outdoors in! The kit comes with a planter and herb or vegetable seeds, the pencils will grow into organic basil and the notebook is compost for the plants. The kit also has a festive flair with the plantable Diyas for Diwali!

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6. Stationery Kit

Stationery Kit

Stationery is such an integral part of office life, and for all your stationery needs, this kit box contains some great corporate gift ideas for employees. This kit contains a seed paper cover notebook with recycled paper, seed paper postcards, seed paper bookmarks, envelopes and more! It also contains two neem pencils that are plantable. Seed Paper is handmade paper made from waste cotton scrap with seeds embedded in them. They can be wet and planted post use to grow herbs, flowers, and vegetables! This is a great way of showing how sustainable products can be useful and beautiful.

7. Bamboo Speaker

Electricity Free Bamboo Docking Station

Every office has music lovers, and this bamboo docking station and sound amplifier is a great addition to a corporate gift hamper. This is a handy speaker with no cables, power source or charging required, and is completely lightweight and eco-friendly. Thus, making it a great travel companion. These bamboo speakers amplify the bass and volume to give you an amazing musical experience with your phone and it supports devices of different sizes and weights. The product is packed using 100% zero plastic, making this a completely sustainable present!

8. Bamboo Desk Organiser

Bamboo Desk Organiser | Bamboo India

For a neat office cubicle or office desk, this desk organiser is a great present. Each Bamboo Desk Organiser is handcrafted from carefully selected stems of bamboo, and is 100% sustainable. The organiser is packed in a cloth bag and the same would be placed in a cardboard box, with no plastic packaging at all! Once your use for it is complete, the product can be easily decomposed into the soil. This is one of the best eco-friendly corporate gift ideas!

9. Festive Foodie Fiesta

Festive Foodie Fiesta

A way to anyone’s heart is food. To continue encouraging a healthy lifestyle for all your employees, this 100% organic & sustainable collection of snacks is a great corporate gift idea! Our Festive Foodie Fiesta gift hamper contains a collection of delicious snacks made with natural ingredients, with no preservatives and packed in zero plastic! The hamper contains granola, a jar of handmade beetroot & dark chocolate cookies, a serving of bajra bites and some scented Tea lights to light up this Diwali!

10. Seed paper Calendar 2021

Seed Paper Calendar 2021

With offices resuming after a never ending pandemic break, this seed paper calendar is ideal to welcome your employees with. Depicting the seasons using water colours, this seed paper calendar has been made on paper upcycled from waste cotton scrap and has seeds embedded in it. A great sustainable corporate gift idea, it is an eco-friendly alternative to an otherwise one-time use product, which takes years to decompose. Once you’re done with the two months on the page, you can plant the calendar and grow beautiful plants for your garden! The packaging is completely made of brown paper and placed in craft paper envelope, making it 100% plastic-free.

11. Upcycled Handmade Diary

Upcycled Handmade Diary - 15X18 cm

If your employees love to scribble down tasks while working or love diaries in general, this is one of the best corporate gift ideas for employees. This diary is a great addition to your corporate gift hampers. It is a diary with a unique upcycled fabric cover made using pre consumed fabric collected from various boutiques and tailors. These are hand stitched and 100% plastic free. Add this to your corporate gift hampers to encourage your employees to use sustainable stationery in office.

12. Coconut Bowl with Spoon

Coconut Bowl with Spoon

For office parties and daily lunches, these coconut bowls are eco-friendly and toxin-free for smoothies, soups and salads. These are food safe and eco-friendly, using only coconut oil to give the bowls their final shine. These bowls are handcrafted by artisans in Kerala, and each bowl is unique due to the natural grain of the coconut shell. These authentic coconut bowls will give a rustic charm to the room.

13. Engraved Travel Cutlery Set

Engraved Travel Cutlery Set

Perfect for all wander lusters, this cutlery travel kit is a must have. This engraved travel cutlery set is reusable and sustainable, great for office offsites and for your employees’ days off! This set has a fork, spoon and knife with a lightweight jute pouch, keeping the bamboo travel utensils together and making it easy to carry. Bamboo has incredible tensile strength, making this cutlery set reliable and long lasting! The cutlery set is 100% natural and uses no plastic.

14. Bamboo Container Cylindrical Shape

Bamboo Container Cylindrical Shape

A great addition to the pool of corporate gift ideas, this bamboo container is great and utilitarian. It can be used to store ice, dry fruits, seeds & so much more. This container is completely biodegradable, sustainable and durable. It uses no plastic in either the making of the product or the packaging. Moreover, this bamboo container can also be used as a piece of aesthetic art that would elevate the décor of the room.

15. Eco Nut Bags

Eco Nut Bags, Set of 3

These eco nut bags can be the gift bags for your corporate gifts at events. These are colorful assorted cloth bags made of export surplus fabric. These eco nut bags are made from Kora Cotton that is completely biodegradable; While the polyester bags can take over 500 years to biodegrade. And they are versatile in use as well! Your employees and clients can reuse them as grocery bags, since they can be folded up and fit into your pocket or your purse!


Benefits of Partnering with Loopify

Loopify offers 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly and organic products. The benefits of partnering with us for corporate gifting are innumerable, both for the planet and your people. Our website is carefully curated with several unique gifting options, covering a variety of price ranges. We support a wide range of small businesses, all based in India, ensuring that the local economy is thriving, and the carbon footprint of long-distance shipping is reduced. We have an extensive range of eco-friendly gift hampers that will fit all your needs and your budget too! We offer bulk discounts for products, and our delivery is hassle free. One of the biggest benefits of partnering with us is that you can see the measurable impact of each product that you purchase with us, using our Loopify sustainability index.

Contact us for more details on exploring the perfect corporate gift ideas for your business today!

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