10 Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas for your Home

Diwali is the festival of lights and sweets. It is one of the most auspicious and celebrated Indian festivals. Families and loved ones come together to celebrate and nurture bonds. The tradition of exchanging love, happiness and gifts, is our favourite part of Diwali. If you are looking for gifting options, we have a range of eco-friendly gifts and corporate Diwali gifts that will be loved by your guests.

The positive aura of Diwali is what makes us wait for it the entire year. Our favourite childhood memory of Diwali is dressing up in new clothes and hogging on sweets. However, Diwali is not just about dressing up individually but also about enhancing the space around you as well. The ambience you set for your Diwali party or get together plays a big role. With the festival just around the corner, we have some stunning eco-friendly Diwali decoration ideas for home that will set the festive spirit to an all-time high.

Here are Some Diwali Decoration Ideas to Beautify Your Home:

1. Incense Scones

100% Natural Incense Cones - Combo of 3

If you are looking for simple Diwali decoration at home, incense scones are an easy choice! They are an integral part of Diwali pooja essentials. Incense scones add a very rustic and earthy ambience to your interiors and keep your house filled with a fresh and soft fragrance. This bundle contains some beautiful fragrances such as sandalwood, organic rose, and ayurvedic. It is 100% chemical free and is made from dried flowers, ayurvedic herbs, bark wood powder, essential oils, and natural gums.

2. Metal Lanterns

Handcrafted Metal Lantern with Leaf Pattern

What is Diwali without lanterns anyway? This one is the safest Diwali decoration ideas for home. Choose our elegant metal lantern and light up your Diwali. It is easily transportable, lightweight and made by artisans in North India to help celebrate a sustainable and plastic-free Diwali! The lamp is made from iron which is easily recyclable with other metal products.

3. Fabric Buntings

Fabric Buntings - Set of 2

Fabric buntings are one of the simple Diwali decorations at home. They are a great alternative to plastic or paper decorations. The bright and vibrant colours will add an instant energy to any Diwali party. These upcycled fabric buntings are made of cotton and jute, and are 10 feet long with 20-22 flags per bunting.

4. Coconut Candles

Coconut Candles

Revamp your décor with these sophisticated handmade coconut candles. They are made from natural coconut shells, essential aroma oils, and soy wax, and are a perfect addition to your space to create a cozy and comforting ambience. They have a natural aromatic fragrance that will be loved by your family and guests and are long lasting.

5. Cushion Covers

Canvas Cushion Cover - 12 inches, Made from Upcycled Bag & Fabric Scraps

Cushion covers are one of the greatest Diwali decoration ideas for home. They immediately add a touch of colour and class to your room, without much of an effort. Our eco-friendly covers are made from upcycled canvas tote bags and using off-cuts from the production of garments. These covers are completely recyclable and environment friendly.

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6. Coasters

Cotton Mache Beverage Coasters - Set of 4

In Diwali decoration ideas, handmade coasters are a big YES. They are tiny yet adorable piece of décor that completes your dining table! Plus, they are of a great use for avoiding water rings on your table too! Our handcrafted coasters are made from 100% handmade recycled paper, and are completely biodegradable and compostable after use.

7. Aromatherapy Diffuser

Aromatherapy Diffuser, Off-White

Aromatherapy Diffuser is by far our favourite Diwali decoration ideas for home. They fit perfectly on that little corner table while keeping your space smelling like divine! This diffuser is exclusively handcrafted by local artisans of Khurja. Few drops of essential oil in water is all you need to circulate the lovely aroma in the air.

8. Scented Candles

Japanese Cherry Scented Candle - 90 gms

You cannot go wrong with scented candles when it comes to Diwali decoration ideas for home. While our favourite fragrance is Japanese Cherry, you can choose from various pleasant aromas such as lily, lavender, rose, citronella, vanilla cupcake, peppermint, etc. Made from natural, non-toxic and environment friendly soy wax, scented candles are one of the ideal Diwali gifts for her.

9. Upcycled Décor Set

Upcycled Floral Home Decor Set - Grey

This quirky and cute upcycled décor set contains one bottle and 2 candle holders, that is perfect to set in the middle of the dining table or on your side table. The handcrafted set will immediately add colour and vibrancy to your room. It is made from upcycled glass and is 100% plastic-free. Moreover, you do not have to worry about maintaining it, as it is easily cleaned with a dry cloth.

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10. Candle Holders

Circle of Light Tea-Light

You can jazz up your interiors with simple Diwali decoration at home such as our beautiful candle holders. This radiant candle holder reflects elegant hues of copper, gives warmth to the ambience, and creates the perfect circle of light. It is made from recycled copper and is completely recyclable. Pair it up with our eco-friendly Diwali diyas for a flawless look!


With so many Diwali decoration ideas for home, we are sure your decorations are going to be one of a kind. Diwali is a festival that brings everyone together. We rejoice, cherish and nourish the moments we spend with our loved ones. It is a festival of celebrating the triumph of good over evil. This Diwali, let us try to live sustainably and choose eco-friendly products to do some good to our planet. We hope you have a great Diwali this year!

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