20 Best Diwali Gifts for Friends in 2021

Diwali is one of the most auspicious festivals of India. It is one of the most widely celebrated festivals around the world. People also perform pooja with all the Diwali pooja essentials, to ensure that they always have peace, joy and prosperity. The festival evidences the triumph of good over evil and hope over despair.

The festival of lights I celebrated by decorating houses, dressing up in favourite traditional attires, and the most loved tradition - exchanging gifts with your loved ones. As much as we love hogging mithais and chocolates, gone are the days when you could give those as a Diwali gift, especially to your friends. The sole dilemma of ‘what should I gift to my friends and close ones?’ is often remained unanswered. This year, switch it up by giving them one of a kind, environment friendly gifts. There are a lot of eco-friendly Diwali gifts available online. To make your job easier, we have listed unique, wonderful eco-friendly Diwali gift ideas for friends for every type of friend you can ever have.

Here are Some Unique Diwali Gifts for Friends

1. For the health conscious one

Healthy Gourmet Collection

We all know someone who tracks every calorie intake and has gym workouts planned for the week. And that is why, our Healthy Gourmet Collection is one of the best Diwali gifts for friends. This hamper is a collection of flavourful teas and healthy snacks are made with 100% natural ingredients, and zero preservatives. It contains bajra crackers with ginger, jaggery and fennel seed, delicious peanut chikki with jaggery, ginger crunch with amaranth, sesame, coconut and jaggery, six grain crackers, marigold organic tea, apple spice organic tea and scented soy wax tea lights to brighten up their Diwali. It is also a great hamper for your colleagues. Browse through our range of corporate Diwali gifts for more like these!

2. For the coffee addict

BLISS IN A BOX - Coffee Indulgence Gift Hamper

Nothing is better than starting your day with a hot cup of joy. Know someone who cannot start their day with coffee? Our Bliss in A Box - Coffee Indulgence Gift Hamper, is a favourite of all coffee lovers. This gift box includes 2 premium and rich varieties of Cuppa City's coffee powder. The coffee powder is from 100% organic coffee beans. It also has Arte's arc bakes’ delicious coffee infused cookies. If this does not give them a jumpstart in their day, nothing will!

3. For the geeky one

Nature Lover's Desk Organizer

If you know a nerd, chances are that they will love our Nature Lover's Desk Organizer as their Diwali gift. This gift box contains a diary, a foldable pen stand, a visiting card holder and a little box to hold loose notes. This stationery kit is made from a blend of cow dung (yes, you read that right! And no, it does not smell) using a patented paper-making process. It is 100% natural, plastic free, & chemical- free. It is probably the only stationary kit in the world made without cutting a single tree. And that’s not all, the paper contains seeds that grow into plants and act as compost.

4. For the stationery lover

Stationery Kit

All adults are fans of cute stationery, and that is why, our Stationery Kit is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for friends. What makes this kit different than others is that everything in the kit is plantable! This kit contains a cover notebook with recycled papers, a set of 5coasters, a set of 8 bookmarks, a set of 4 adorable postcards, a set of 8 gift tags, a set of 5 gift envelopes, a set of 4 thank you cards with plantable envelopes, 2 neem pencils and pocket notepad. All you need to do is sow them to grow them into plants after you are done with its use.

5. For the foodie

Royal Festive Foodie Fiesta

Any festival and foodie are incomplete without delicious, lip-smacking food. Our Royal Festive Foodie Fiesta is one of the best Diwali gifts for friends. This delightful hamper is made with all things festive – eco-friendly Diwali diyas, dry fruits and drinks! There is a jar of fiery peri peri oven-baked cashews, a serving of smokey barbecue cashews, a jar roasted hazelnuts covered with Nutella and sprinkled with sea salt and lastly, a serving of Californian almonds dipped in chocolate, with a hint of coffee. There is also a tin of marigold tea – a flavourful, refreshing tea that can be sipped both hot or cold. To top it all off, there is a delectable tea in everyone’s favourite flavour – blueberry cheesecake! If you are looking for a festive hamper that will truly brighten up Diwali – this is the one.

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6. For the party lover

Strawberry Basil Champagne Spread - 400 gms, Red

Are you very acquainted with the words “Bro let’s party?” or know a friend who is always in for a party night? We have a perfect Diwali gift for them! Amp up all Diwali parties with a tarty, wholesome, familiar and delicious twist of champagne. Our Strawberry Basil Champagne is the most relatable flavour on our menu. Dive into sweet and sour notes of strawberry, which is balanced out with the earthiness of basil and the effervescence of champagne. It is made from natural ingredients & safe food additives, perfect for a crazy yet healthy night.

7. For the pet lover

Happy Furbaby Premium Gift Box

For any pet parent, nothing is more precious than their fur babies. This Diwali, win your friend’s heart with our Happy Furbaby Premium Gift Box. It is a very unique Diwali gift ideas for friends. The hamper contains upcycled fabric bow tie, recycled cotton leash, carrot cotton chew toy, happy pooch keychain, and vegan carrot & pumpkin treats packaged beautifully with a note for the pawrent. Our hamper ensures that those paws are always tapped happily!

8. For the Bollywood lover

Sholay Tribute Coasters | Bollywood Theme

Diwali parties are incomplete without dancing on Bollywood songs. Know someone who is a crazy fan of Bollywood or Amitabh Bachchan? Our quirky Bollywood themed Sholay Tribute Coasters are ideal as Diwali presents for them. These coasters are made using remaining wood, ensuring that our environment is protected at all costs. The coasters can also be recycled at all organized or unorganized wood recycling centers. We have different Bollywood themed coasters as well!

9. For the drama queen

Spa Day Bundle

We all have that one female who is a drama queen if she does not receive exclusive gift hampers. Our Spa Day Bundle is one of the best Diwali gifts for friends like her! Pamper your special someone with a 100% natural, sustainable and relaxing spa day this Diwali! The hamper contains a body scrub that contains coffee, virgin coconut oil, brown sugar and zero chemicals, a herbalist spa bars contain antioxidants from natural ingredients like basil, rosemary and annatto oil, a natural loofah, a foot soak that contains Himalayan pink salt and eucalyptus essential oil, a natural lavender lip scrub, a calming chamomile herb tea, refreshing marigold tea for post-spa rejuvenation and some scented tea lights to bling up Diwali.

10. For the nature lover

Microgreens Kit - Pack of 2 Seeds

Only a nature lover understands the pain of the pollution created due to Diwali. While we do not want to diminish anyone’s festive spirits, it is important to acknowledge the damage caused to our environment because of fire crackers and the number of plastic items used in Diwali. Gift your friends or guests our Microgreens Kit that contains everything you need to grow microgreens - jute grow trays, soil cakes, seed packs, aluminium water sprayer, greens trimmer and an illustrated guide to help you through the process. It is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for friends and for our environment. It is a great idea for Diwali gifts for kids too, as they will learn so much about gardening and about the planet!

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11. For the creative one

Rectangles Jumbo Pack - 930 gms, 190 nos

For all the architects, engineers, and students, our Rectangles Jumbo Pack is the most creative Diwali gift ideas for friends. Jumbo pack is a customised box of Kattoos Miniature Terracotta Bricks which contains 190 rectangle shaped bricks. They are a fun addition to the Diwali party games and a great way to bond with your loved ones. Moreover, the worn out or broken bricks are disposable by adding them to any potted plant or garden.

12. For the sophisticated one

Baroque Rectangular Clutch - Black

Diwali is all about style, bling and glamour. It is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for friends who love being in fashion, all the time. Our Baroque Rectangular Clutch is the epitome of elegance, and the ideal fashion accessory for all Diwali parties. It is a graceful, classic and timeless design that will be cherished forever. Made with handcrafted with agate stones, it is a perfect evening accessory to style festive as well as party looks and comes with a golden Sling. Browse through our collection of Diwali gifts for her for more like these!

13. For the one who has become an NRI

Gift Box with Love From India

Half of our friends have moved out of India for their careers. Bring them back to their roots this Diwali with our Gift Box with Love From India. The box contains 8 amazing blends inspired by Indian cities of Mumbai: The city of dreams - a caffeine-free blend of chamomile and lemongrass to relieve stress, Delhi: The capital - the perfect mix of blueberries, strawberries, hibiscus and just a hint of stevia, Chennai: Beach cool - has notes of mango, cool mint and coconut, Rajasthan: The royal dream - a blend of green tea, rose petals, saffron, and almonds reminiscent of the royal era, Hyderabad: The city of the nawabs - green tea with a tang of turmeric, marigold, cinnamon and black pepper, Punjab: The realm of rivers - a hearty blend of masala chai and Ajwain leaf that smells like the meadows of Punjab, and Kolkata: The city of joy - a dessert tea with Gondhoraj lemon and Nolen Gur. It is by far our favourite in the pool of Diwali gift ideas for friends.

14. For the skincare lover

Bath Selections Box

For any skincare lover, the first thing they look for is the ingredients. Encased within our Bath Selections Box gift box is a face and body scrub duo by Essentia Extracts, to exfoliate the skin. Essentia Extracts vegan scrubs are made of handpicked premium quality seeds that are ground to a fine powder using traditional methods. These scrubs are 100% natural without any artificial fragrances and are consciously created to give our skin an ever-glowing look. It is a perfect Diwali gift idea for friends who love pampering their skin with all the goodness.

15. For the trendy one

Aura 18K Gold Plated Evil Eye Engraved Bracelet/Anklet with Pearls - Gold

Our Gold Plated Evil Eye Engraved Bracelet is the best choice as a Diwali gift for anyone who likes to stay updated with fashion. Designed in mesmerizing gold and white, this impeccable piece of jewellery can be worn as an anklet too! The fine detailing and pattern of the bracelet makes it apt for every party and brunch meets.

16. For the one who is always hungry

A Day in Snacking Wonderland

Do you ever see someone who is constantly munching something and they never seem to get full? Because we sure do! And that is why our A Day in Snacking Wonderland hamper is one of the best Diwali gifts for friends who love to eat. This collection of flavourful teas and healthy snacks are made with 100% natural ingredients and absolutely zero preservatives. The hamper contains refreshing marigold tea, and rejuvenating apple spice tea! Snack-time got even more delicious with a serving of ginger, jaggery and fennel seed bajra bites, a jar of peri peri oven-baked cashews, and a jar of Californian roasted almonds dipped in chocolate with a hint of coffee. And to add to the festive vibe, there are scented soy wax tea lights!

17. For the workaholic

Slinravel Grey Laptop Bag, Upcycled from Tyres, Seat Covers & Polyster

While Diwali is a time to relax, spend some quality time with family and loved ones before starting the hectic life again, there are some people who cannot stop working! And for these workaholics, we have the perfect Diwali gift - our classy new Slinravel Grey Laptop Bag. Made from upcycled tyres, seat covers & polyester, it is designed for safety and comfort with extra padding on the shoulder. It is also water resistant and has two front pockets, to ensure maximum convenience. It is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for friends who love to work!

18. For the romantic one

Flower Power Gift Hamper

In our opinion, it is very easy to make a hopeless romantic person happy. All they need is a little care and affection combined with effort. This Diwali, express your love with something they would not be able to put a price tag on. Our lovely Flower Power Gift Hamper is the best Diwali gifts for friends who like love in the air!

19. For the organized one

Workstation Wonderland

We all have a friend whose house is clean – at all times! And surprisingly, they do it so effortlessly. Intended for them, we have our Workstation Wonderland as our recommendation for Diwali gift ideas for friends. This hamper contains a selection of essentials that are essential for a day at work – a pen stand, a notebook, a coconut shell cup and a bamboo speaker. Made from 100% plastic-free, biodegradable materials, they are great for us, and our planet! The pen stand is made of cow dung (and no, it does not smell!), making it biodegradable and compostable. The plantable notebook grows into herbs for your kitchen garden. The coconut cup is the perfect size for a quick bite between calls and the bamboo speaker ensures that the Diwali party never stops!

20. For the one who loves to cook

The Masterchef Hamper

Is your friend even your friend if they do not cook for you? Support them in feeding you with our The Masterchef Hamper this Diwali! This cute eco-friendly kit contains an apron is made of upcycled denim, ensuring that the materials do not clog our oceans and landfills and that they look chic while cooking. The bottle is made of copper; drinking water from it will boost your immunity. Both these products are made with 100% sustainable materials and contain 0% plastic.

Diwali is the most special and auspicious time of the year. It is a perfect time to cherish and nurture all our existing relationships and make new ones too. Every Diwali, we make new memories with our close friends and family that last for a lifetime! Make this Diwali even more memorable for your loved ones with our carefully curated list of unique Diwali gift ideas for friends. Loopify is a 100% plastic free, sustainable marketplace with a plethora of eco-friendly products. We aim at making our planet better and greener every day by taking one step at a time. By choosing to gift one of our sustainable gifts this Diwali, you are not only making a difference in your loved one’s life but also on our planet. If you are looking for sustainable gifting, our collection of eco-friendly gifts is suitable for every event and occasion.

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