20 Best Diwali Gifts for Clients in 2021

Festivals have been the foundation of social and traditional ties in any nation, especially India. Indians are incredibly enthusiastic when it comes to celebrating festivals, and even more if it is Diwali. Diwali us widely popular not only in India but across the world. Communities come together and exchange love, sweets and gifts. The joy and warmth that Diwali brings to our lives is infectious and that is why it is one of the most celebrated festivals in India.

Diwali is not just a festival to light up our homes but also to develop and nurture relationships. It is an occasion where old ties with family, friends and colleagues are revived. Hence, it is only logical that during this auspicious festival, we make our old and new clients feel valued and appreciated for all the trust they put in us. While choosing the best Diwali gifts for clients, it is important that your gift stands out from the crowd. The fad of gifting traditional mithais and chocolates is outmoded. The gift should also match the festive spirit and emotions of Diwali. We have an assortment of eco-friendly Diwali gifts that will end your search for perfect Diwali gifts ideas for clients.

Here are Some Unique Diwali Gifts for Clients

1. The Festive Foodie Collection

The Festive Foodie Collection - 1

We all love food, especially when it is Diwali! One of the best Diwali gifts for clients is our Festive Foodie Collection. This gift hamper contains the 3 essential components of Diwali – diyas, delightful snacks and revitalizing drinks! The eco-friendly Diwali diyas are made of metal, making them 100% plastic-free. The snacks and teas have 100% natural ingredients, absolutely zero preservatives and are packed in zero plastic. The dry fruits in the hamper come with a delicious twist! There is a jar of spicy peri peri oven-baked cashews and a plateful of Californian almonds dipped in chocolate with a hint of coffee. There are also two samples of tea – a palatable, refreshing marigold and a soothing apple spice. This handcrafted and carefully designed hamper will surely impress your clients.

2. Planet Lover’s Paradise

Planet Lover’s Paradise

Clients love when you make conscious decisions. It is way to show that you possess caring nature. This hamper is one of the best Diwali gifts ideas for clients. This gift box contains an apron made of upcycled denim that ensures materials do not choke our oceans and landfills, a bottle is made of copper; drinking water from it will improve our immune system, a cutlery set that is easy to carry around, Grow Your Greens Kit that has a planter made from coconut fiber and comes with seeds, portable bamboo speaker, and tea lights.

3. Switch-it-up Central Option 1

Switch-it-up Central Option 1

If your company is making mindful decisions and practicing going green, this hamper is a great way of showing what your company believes in. Clients often want to know what your beliefs are in reality, not just what you pitch to them. This sustainable gift box contains unique sustainable replacements such as a photo frame that is made of natural material such as cow dung (without the smell, of course), a kitchen garden kit with a planter made from coconut fiber and seeds to grow a little herb garden at home, fragrant tea lights to light up Diwali and a set of bamboo speakers! All the products are handmade with 100% sustainable materials!

4. Spa Day Collection

Spa Day Collection - 2

Believe it or not, clients are as stressed as us! And that is why, a good self-care session is the best Diwali gifts for clients. In this hamper, you will find everything you need for your clients to have a relaxing spa day! There is a frosted scented candle and some apple spice tea to set the perfect ambience, a Natural Fullers Organic Multani Mitti, a Himalayan Rose Natural Face Mask Skin Pack with real rose petals, a luxurious Red Radiance face and body scrub that contains the goodness of Moroccan clay, a natural fiber loofah acts as an exfoliant and aids in blood circulation, an Herbalist spa bar contains Annatto oil, marigold tea. These products are made of 100% natural ingredients that are good for us and great for our planet. They are also packed in 100% plastic-free materials!

5. Host with the Most Collection

Host with the Most Collection

The hamper contains Marigold Organic Tea, Apple Spice Organic Tea, an evergreen Bamboo Bottle with tea infuser and strainer, a Photo Frame made of natural materials, a set of 6 Cork Coasters with Quotes, Grow Your Greens Kit, a set of 2 beautiful natural handcrafted Coconut Bowls, a tangy Lemongrass Soy Candle with frost glass jar & wooden lid and aromatic Soy Wax Tea Lights.

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6. Royal Festive Foodie Fiesta

Royal Festive Foodie Fiesta

If you are looking for a festive Diwali hamper that will truly make your clients feel like they rule the world – this is the one. The food hamper contains fiery Peri Peri Cashews, exquisite Coffee Chocolate Almonds, delicious BBQ Almonds, tasty Nutella Sea Salt Bombs, enticing Blueberry Cheesecake Dessert Tea, a pair of elegant Lotus Metal Tea Light Holder in 2 different colours, scented soy wax tea lights and Marigold Tea in Rose Gold Tin. It is indeed one of the most royal and the best Diwali gifts for clients.

7. Luxe Workstation Wonderland

Luxe Workstation Wonderland

The finest collection of work essentials, make your clients feel valued with our hamper. This hamper is made from 100% plastic-free, organic and made from natural ingredients. It contains a sleek bamboo diary and pen, a bamboo bottle, a cork card case that is made of upcycled cork and cotton from factories and sets a sustainable style statement, stunning black and gold coasters made from jute, and finally, delightful, premium Arabian dates. This hamper is the perfect way to show your clients your commitment towards your work.

8. Premium Festive hamper

Premium Festive hamper

Nothing says more like Diwali than our gorgeous Premium Festive Hamper. It contains a hand stitched traditional fabric journal with 100 upcycled plain pages, a box of 8 various sugar-free healthy delicious ragi laddoos made by lady farmers of Goa, a set of two terracotta scented diyas with naturally pressed flowers and a plantable greeting card that grows into a tulsi plant. Enjoy a guilt free festival empowering not just women, but our planet, too! This adorable gift hamper can be gifted on any occasion.

9. Soulful Snacking Sojourn

Soulful Snacking Sojourn

Let your clients celebrate a happy, healthy and delicious Diwali with our collection of delicious snacks that are made with completely natural ingredients. With our Soulful Snacking Sojourn hamper, munching on snacks has become guilt free! The hamper contains nutberry granolas with the goodness of nuts, real cranberries and white chocolate chips which are healthy and nutritious, a jar of exotic handmade beetroot & dark chocolate cookies that pair well with a cup of chai, invigorating marigold green tea, an elegant copper bottle, and sweet-smelling tea lights. It is one the most wonderful Diwali gifts ideas for clients.

10. Healthy Home Collection

Healthy Home Collection

Our Healthy Home Collection is made of 100% sustainable goodness. This hamper contains everything that will be loved by your taste buds, your home and our planet! The contents of our Healthy Home Hamper are Bajra Crackers with ginger, fennel seeds and jaggery, six grain crackers, a photo frame which is made of cow dung (do not worry, it would not smell!), coconut and soy wax candle in a coconut shell that will cover the room with coconut’s delicious aroma, and scented soy wax tea lights to brighten up Diwali. All the items are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

11. Switch-it-up Central Option 2

Switch-it-up Central Option 2

Giving sustainable alternatives is not only the best Diwali gifts for clients but also for our environment. This gift box is made of a Grow Your Own Greens kit that contains a planter made from coconut fiber and comes with seeds that will grow into a little kitchen garden, a copper bottle that not only looks nice but also lifts our immune system and a set of bamboo speakers! Do you know what makes these products distinct? They are all made with 100% environmental materials! If your client has kids, it makes a great gift for them too! Check out our range of Diwali Gifts for Kids, so that the kids can learn the importance of going green at a young age.

12. Go Green Herb Garden

Go Green Herb Garden

If your clients are nature lovers, they will appreciate this hamper more than anything else. This gift hamper contains plantable products to bring the outdoors in and surround them with greenery. Not just that – it will also grow a little herb garden with 100% organic produce! Everything in this hamper is plantable – the Grow your Greens Kit comes with a planter and herb or vegetable seeds, notebook that is made of 100% recyclable paper – this will act as compost for the plants, pencils that will grow into organic basil to give the greens some company and enchanting diyas to illuminate their Diwali!

13. Festive Home Fiesta

Festive Home Fiesta

Our hamper of Festive Home Fiesta contains an uplifting marigold tea, a jar of Californian almonds coated with rich chocolate and a hint of coffee, a beautiful photo frame made of cow dung (without any kind of smell) and it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. A jar of zesty oven-baked peri peri cashews makes for the perfect evening snack, with a cup of revitalizing apple spice tea. Diwali is incomplete without decorations and music, so there are two elegant hand-painted metal diyas, along with a handcrafted coco candle – light it up to let the delicious aroma of coconut take over the room. Finally, there is a sleek bamboo speaker so that the Diwali parties do not stop! The is by far is our favourite Diwali gifts ideas for clients.

14. The Tea-Time Picnic Collection

The Tea-Time Picnic Collection

If your clients have an outdoorsy personality and love being on the go, our Tea Time Picnic Collection is a spot-on choice. It is made with 100% natural ingredients, absolutely zero preservatives and packed in zero plastic, making it a perfect companion to tea. There is a helping of ginger, jaggery and fennel seed bajra crackers, six-grain crackers that are loaded with fibre and nutrients and some peanut chikki that make for the perfect sweet and savoury snacks. Then dig into some delectable bite-sized desserts – jars of Californian almonds – one dipped in coffee chocolate, and the other in rich dark chocolate. There is also a refreshing beverage – a hot apple spice tea or a cold marigold iced tea that will be a perfect companion to the snacks!

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15. Healthy Gourmet Collection

Healthy Gourmet Collection

One of the best Diwali gifts ideas for clients is our Healthy Gourmet Collection. It is a perfect combination of luxury and taste. Show your clients that you care by giving them tasty and healthy food hamper. The contents of the hamper are: energizing marigold tea and reviving apple spice tea! There are some tasty savoury snacks-on-the-go options – a portion of ginger, jaggery and fennel seed bajra bites, six-grain crackers that are loaded with fibre and essential nutrients, peanut chikki to take them back to their childhood. There is also a jar of ginger crunch with amaranth, sesame, coconut and jaggery to satisfy that sweet tooth and provide some vital macronutrients.

16. Luxe Soulful Spa Day Bundle

Luxe Soulful Spa Day Bundle

Our luxury bundle contains a frosted aromatic candle and an assortment of seasoned teas to soothe the body and set the mood, a body scrub that contains the goodness of coffee, virgin coconut oil, brown sugar and zero chemicals, a natural fiber loofah acts as an additional exfoliant, a Herbalist spa bar that comprises of Annatto oil, a Natural Fullers Organic Multani Mitti is every household’s secret to radiant skin, a Himalayan Rose Natural Face Mask Skin Pack with real rose petals, and a serving of delicious bajra crackers seasoned with ginger, jaggery and fennel seeds, or the six grain crackers for essential nutrients. This is an ideal gift for female clients, if you are looking to gift something for your client’s wife, we have a range of Diwali gifts for her.

17. Eclectic Kitchen Cornucopia

Eclectic Kitchen Cornucopia

This hamper is an extensive assortment of 100% sustainable kitchen essentials that makes for a perfectly unique gift! In the pool, this is one of the best Diwali gifts for clients. All the products in this hamper are handmade with materials that do not cause harm to the environment. They are 100% plastic-free, chemical-free, cruelty-free and proudly made in India! The hamper contains savoury bajra bites that are made of organic components, a jar of handcrafted cookies, a set of teas to add some zest to those chai breaks, a sleek copper bottle, an apron made from upcycled denim, Grow Your Greens kit for a little herb garden in the kitchen and diyas that can be planted year-round.

18. Green Home Collection

Green Home Collection

A green gift is the best Diwali gift for clients and our environment. There’s a handmade coco candle to light it up and let the pleasant aroma of coconut breeze through their home. The gorgeous photo frame is made of cow dung (and no, it does not smell!), is 100% biodegradable and recyclable, an elegant bamboo desk organizer that doubles up as a speaker! The jute bag is the perfect company on a trip to the market or a day at the office. The Grow Your Greens Kit has a planter made from coconut fiber and comes with seeds to add some green to your home. After all, a green home is a happy home!

19. Gourmet Snack Collection

Gourmet Snack Collection

We all know that delicious food cures everything. If you are looking to re-connect with an unhappy client, this is an unfaultable hamper to gift. This collection of delicious tea and uniquely flavoured dry fruits are made with 100% natural ingredients, absolutely zero preservatives and are packed in zero plastic. There are some fiery oven-baked peri peri cashews, a cup of delicious blueberry cheesecake tea and some mouthwatering bite-sized desserts - a jar of Californian almonds covered in chocolate with a hint of coffee, and another jar of roasted almonds coated in barbecue seasoning and a pair of handcrafted coconut shell bowls for tea-time that is completely organic and delightful!

20. Nature Lover’s Desk Organizer

Nature Lover's Desk Organizer

A desk organizer is a must have especially when offices are starting to reopen. This is one of the most practical Diwali gifts ideas for clients. This sustainable desk organizer contains a diary, a foldable pen stand, a visiting card holder and a little box to hold loose notes. It is an ideal addition to a workspace as it will jazz up the desk and do a whole lot of good for our planet at the same time! It is probably the only stationery kit in the world that is made without cutting a single tree. And that is not all, the papers comprise of seeds that grow into plants and act as compost.


Diwali is a festival to cherish whatever small or big things we have in life. This year, show your clients how much you value and respect them with our exclusive Diwali hampers. Loopify is India’s largest sustainable marketplace that offers eco-friendly products, eco-friendly gifts and everything sustainable that you need on a daily basis. Depending on your needs and budget, we are happy to give you bulk discounts and can deliver to multiple addresses to save your time and effort. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries, we are just a call away!

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