Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration Ideas for your House

Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival where decorations play an important role in bringing in the festivities. However, these decorations can be the cause of a lot of plastic pollution during the Ganesh visarjan, so there is a strong need to look at alternatives. We can still keep the festive spirit alive with some of the eco friendly Ganpati decorations, but we also play our part in preserving the health of the planet!

1. Fabric Buntings

Fabric Buntings - Set of 2

For covering your room in decorations, you can avoid a lot of plastic waste by switching to fabric buntings! Disposable décor adds to a lot of plastic waste during the festive season, either through the packaging or the décor itself, making these fabric buntings a great alternative. These are made of scrap cloth, also ensuring that fabric waste is recycled and not sent to landfills. Maintaining the quality of the buntings is relatively easy, since it is made of cotton and jute. Once you’re done using the product, you can shred it into small pieces and send it along with your wet waste! These buntings are a form of simple Ganpati decoration ideas, but can light up a whole space.

2. Fabric Lanterns

Green Handloom Khun Fabric Lantern cum Bag

While lanterns are traditionally used during Diwali, you can light up the Ganesh pandal with these handloom fabric and bamboo basket lanterns. These lanterns are made of cotton Khun fabric, an ancient textile from Maharashtra and are upcycled and handcrafted.

Additionally, what makes them really unique is that they are multi-purpose! You can convert the lantern into a bag after using it as a Ganpati decoration at home, making it completely reusable. The product comes with 100% plastic-free packaging, making it 100% sustainable.

3. Handmade Diyas

Handmade Traditional Diya - Set of 4

Another item to add to your list of ganesha decoration ideas are these handcrafted diyas. Coming in a set of four, these are handcrafted using clay by local artisans in India. Since the product is made out of mud, it can be recycled and disposed off sustainably. This will definitely light up your pandal or the puja room at home! The set contains one large and three small diyas. To ensure that the product doesn’t break, we have used plastic-free packaging with cardboard boxes, dry glass and other recycled material.

4. Handmade Paddy Torans

Handmade Paddy ToranHandmade Paddy Toran

This handmade paddy toran will beautiful the entrance to your home and is 100% sustainable. This toran is made of natural fibres and woven by rural artisans. This toran is a beautiful way to adorn the entrance of your house during this Ganesh Chaturthi, and after use, can be composted or disposed with other dry waste. This is one of the best eco friendly Ganpati decoration ideas for home!

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5. Palm Leaf Lanterns

Handmade Palm Leaf Lantern - Yellow

During the festive season, decorating your house is incomplete without some lanterns. While paper or plastic lanterns are abundant, these palm leaf lanterns are a sustainable alternative that can last you for months or years! These lanterns are made of cloth, paper and palm leaf, and are carefully packaged to ensure no damage. The designs are simple but enduring, and will add to the festive fervour for every festival that comes this winter!

6. Copper Oil Lamps

Sanchi Oil Lamp Copper

One of the Ganpati pooja essentials, these copper oil lamps are a step up from candle lights. Inspired by the hemispherical domes of the stupas of Sanchi, these handspun oil lamps add to the meditative atmosphere of the Ganesh pooja. These lamps are spun by hand out of copper and brass sheets and the fuel chamber can hold upto 25 ml of oil. These lamps can be reused for every pooja during the festive season, and just need to be cleaned with a soft moist cloth.

7. Copper Tea Light Holders

Herb Garden

Along with our soy wax tea lights, this copper tea-light holder called the ‘Foliole’ is a beautiful addition to your Ganpati decorations for this year. The muse for the design are flowers, as seen through the four-petaled copper votive. You can use as a bunch on a centre table or as corner highlights for the pandal to add to the festive atmosphere. These are handcrafted and completely sustainable. Using the soy wax tea lights along with this also ensures that no toxic fumes are released when they are lit, reducing significantly any harm to the planet and to our health.


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