Plastic-free Presents: 10 Eco-friendly gifts for your loved ones

We all love receiving gifts. It makes us feel loved and special. Undoubtedly, gifting is India’s most followed traditions. From special occasions like birthdays to religious festivals like Eid and Diwali, we just need a reason to get gifts! Make you loved ones feel special by giving them eco-friendly gifts. They will be not only appreciated by loved ones, but also by our planet. However, encouraging your friends and family to join you on a sustainable, plastic-free journey can be a challenge. There are several concerns that people tend to have, including high price points, low shelf-life, and less durability. Eco-friendly gift-giving is one way to alleviate some of these concerns! You can give the people in your life a chance to try out a natural, eco-friendly product, show them their benefits, and debunk some of the myths around sustainable living.

And that is why Loopify is here for all your eco-friendly needs. We are a completely zero-plastic marketplace, and for us, giving a gift is about a mark of thoughtful celebration. We believe that we do not need to cause harm to our environment to make your loved ones happy. And here is when our range of eco-friendly gifts come into the picture. We offer a variety of gifts for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other specials days. We also cover a range of price points that can suit different needs. Our carefully curated selection of eco-friendly products gives everyone an idea of how sustainable living can be very simple and efficient! Here are some eco-friendly gifts ideas for your family and friends for every occasion and season!

1. Mini Stationery Kit for Mom

Mini Stationery Kit for Mom

We all know how tiring a mother’s routine is. Balancing work and house together is not a child’s play. Surprise your mom with a gift that will be adored by her. If you are looking for the best environmentally friendly gift ideas for your mum’s birthday or on Mother’s Day, surprise her with this plantable stationery kit! These stationery goodies can help her organise her day and do your part for the planet. The notebook is made of handmade seed paper, made from waste cotton scrap with seeds embedded in them. They can be and planted post use to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables! This shows how sustainability can reuse waste and create something beautiful out of it. This kit contains a plantable notebook, a seed pencil and a Mother’s Day card. Sustainability can be pretty too!

2. Eco- Friendly Gift Set for Dads

Eco- Friendly Gift Set for Dads

We do rely on dads for all our splurging. This time, surprise your old man with something that he and our planet will cherish. For instance, you can make your dad’s office life a little more sustainable with our range of eco-friendly, elegant and plantable stationery. This mini kit contains a beautiful blue Indian motif notebook, an organic neem pencil, a seed pencil, coasters and a greeting card for dad. This is a great way to get started on a sustainability journey, since the product is completely plantable after use, and the product can also be composted after use! Seed paper is handmade paper made from waste cotton scrap with seeds embedded in them. They can be wet and planted post used to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables! This product significantly reduces plastic waste from notebooks and pens as well as through plastic packaging. If you are looking for eco-friendly gift ideas for your dad, this is definitely a great option to start with!

3. Kids Coloring Set

Kids Coloring Set

We know kids can drive you crazy at times. A great way to keep them busy is by our colouring set. You can also get the kids started on their sustainability journey through this colouring set at the comfort of their home. This is a fun eco-friendly colouring book with a set of ten seed pencil colours, with 27 animals for the children to carefully pencil in! Each paper in the book is made from handmade wood free cotton scrap with seeds embedded in it. This can be an activity for the children at home for colouring as well as getting the little ones to see the wonders of gardening. The pencil stubs are also plantable, as are the seed papers in the book! Each paper in the book is made from handmade wood free cotton scrap with seeds embedded in it! It thus grows into plants like herbs and vegetables! It is also one of the good eco-friendly present ideas for play dates! Watch your kids learn and grow through the eco-friendly way!

4. Deck Your Desk Bundle

Deck Your Desk Bundle

The perfect gift during Christmas for all the secret Santa and white elephant exchanges at work is this little hamper! If you know someone who loves to keep everything in place, our Deck Your Desk Bundle is a perfect choice. This hamper contains a photo frame, plantable pencils and a recyclable notebook, all perfect for their work desk, even if they are working remotely! All the products in this cute little hamper are eco-friendly products. It is one of the best sustainable gift ideas for all the workaholics.

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5. Basket of Happiness

Basket of Happiness

Self-care is the need of the hour, especially for those for whom work and life are melting into one. We all know someone who is in dire need for a pampering session. This 100% natural basket of happiness contains everyday useful items such as 1 phone charger station, a herbal hot/cold mini therapy pack, 2 gift pouches and a jute bag. The hot/cold mini therapy pack is an all-natural pain relief and relaxation solution for relieving the stress of the day. Packed with all the goodness, it is really the basket of happiness for everyone. This hamper is will be loved by everyone who is swamped in life.

6. You are Special Hamper

You are Special Hamper

In any relationship – be it with your partner, your sibling, your friends or your parents, it is important that they feel valued, loved and respected. One of the best ways to show affection for them is by giving our You are Special Hamper. This hamper is one of the great gift ideas for eco-friendly person. It is a specially curated gift set to send your sibling, best friend or partner to show them how much they mean to you – containing cleansing cubes (rose) and the choice of any one face and body scrub from Shantae. Rose clay is a gentle skincare ingredient suited for sensitive skin and the cleaning cube is a great way to pamper your skin! The hamper is curated with handmade goodies that are made with love and delivered in quality gift box with a personalized gift card.

7. Party Hamper

Party Hamper

This by far is our favourite eco-friendly gifts ideas. For a party with your partner, friends or family, and our planet – this is a 100% natural, plastic free, & chemical free hamper that will get the party started on any occasion! This hamper contains a sleek vegan wallet made of recycled cork and cotton fabric leftover from factory outlets, some shot glasses, cork coasters with some fun messages and bamboo speakers! There is also an assortment of scented soy wax tea lights to add a bit of sparkle, and a cute card to give your loved one! A 100% natural, plastic free, & chemical free hamper that will be in the spot light for every and any occasion!

8. Winter Bath & Body Bundle

Winter Bath & Body Bundle

Skin care lovers know what harsh winters can do to our skin. One of the sustainable gift ideas for the winter season is this winter bath and body bundle. Best for the beauty enthusiasts, this spa hamper contains a natural lavender lip scrub will get you the perfect pout, a loofah for exfoliation and blood circulation and a spa bar with antioxidants from natural ingredients like basil, rosemary to give your skin a healthy glow. These products are made of 100% natural ingredients that are good for you, and great for our planet. They are also packed in 100% plastic-free materials! Protect your skin from harsh chemicals by choosing our organic winter bath and body bundle.

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9. Handcrafted Trinkets Bundle

Handcrafted Trinkets Bundle

This cute little hamper is a collection of 100% plastic free accessories. It contains a dreamcatcher keychain to adorn keys, a pair of trendy, pretty hoops with tassels and a 100% cotton tote bag with a lot of heart. It is a great sustainable alternative to artificial keyrings and earrings, which you will toss in the bin after you use them! There is also a cute card that will definitely put a smile on receiver’s face. The reusable tote can be taken when you are out shopping, making it one of the best environmental gift ideas. Plus, they are also packed with 100% plastic free packaging!

10. Masterchef Hamper

The Masterchef Hamper

Everyone knows someone who has become a chef over the lockdown, so here is a hamper for them, and our planet. The apron is made of upcycled denim, ensuring that the materials do not clog our oceans and landfills and that you look chic while cooking your favourite dish. The bottle is made of copper; drinking water from it will boost your immunity. This is a great eco-friendly gifts idea for your mom, sibling or best friend!


Gifting is all about making that one person feel special and loved. There are a lot of gifting choices available with just a click. However, non-sustainable gifting can generate a lot of plastic waste and pollution. If you are buying products in bulk for corporate events or buying items online with a lot of packaging, chances are that it will take years for the plastic to degrade, causing irreversible damage to our environment. By buying sustainable or eco-friendly presents, you tend to reduce the amount of plastic waste instantly. It is essential that we choose green lifestyle by making conscious choices small changes in our decisions. For more eco-friendly gifts ideas, check out Loopify’s online marketplace! We have a range of eco-friendly corporate gifts, as well as specific ideas for eco-friendly gifts for her, eco-friendly gifts for him and eco-friendly gifts for kids.

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