Plastic Free July: 8 Tips for a Successful Plastic Free July

The thought of living a plastic-free life can be slightly overwhelming, especially for those who have just started their sustainability journey. However, going plastic-free is not necessarily about making massive changes, but about the small swaps you can make on your personal journey. This plastic free July, cut down your carbon footprint with just a few simple swaps.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic free July is a global commitment to reducing plastic pollution in the month of July. People across the globe commit to reducing plastic waste in their daily lives, either through a small swap or through a complete plastic elimination. If you’d like to participate in the challenge, here are some plastic free July tips!

8 tips for avoiding plastic

1. Carry reusable shopping bags

Easy Fold Tote Bag

Single-use plastic bags are amongst the largest pollutants of our wildlife, marine ecosystem and environment. Bringing your own reusable shopping bag to the grocery store is one of the simplest swaps you can make this plastic free July. By choosing to refuse plastic bags, you can save around 500 plastic bags per year from entering our oceans and landfills. You can choose from a variety of materials for a reusable shopping bag – from jute to cloth bags, the alternatives to plastic are plenty! This is one of the smallest and best steps you can take this plastic free July.

2. Ditch the disposable plastic cutlery

Green - On-The-Go Cutlery Kit (Bamboo Straw)

We all enjoy avoiding washing dishes, which makes plastic cutlery an attractive option for parties and large gatherings. However, there are alternatives made of different materials that you can test out. Bamboo cutlery is reusable and compostable, making it a great alternative for you to carry when you’re travelling or ordering takeout in office. Edible cutlery, made of multigrain flour, is compostable as well, can be used by people of any age. These can be used with any snack, soup or rice dish that you enjoy eating! For your next office party, request the organisers to just switch the spoons and forks to start with, to show how viable this can be even at your workplace! This festive season, make these simple swaps for a more eco-friendly approach!

3. Say no to plastic straws

Re-Usable Copper Straws (Pack of 6) with Straw Cleaner

Several eateries use plastic straws in every drink they serve you. Since straws are lightweight, they are easily blown down drains and are sent to the oceans. Straws are amongst the top ten items collected in beach clean ups, making their reduction extremely important. You can refuse the use of plastic straws, especially if you don’t absolutely need one, and try to request that before you order your drink! If you prefer or require straws, there are steel, copper and bamboo alternatives available, that you can easily keep in your bag when you’re travelling around.

4. Say no to plastic bottles

Jointless Copper Water Bottle 1 Ltr

Plastic bottles are amongst the biggest culprits for plastic pollution. The best solution to avoiding single-use plastic water bottles completely is to carry a reusable alternative made of copper or steel. Sometimes, if you haven’t carried a water bottle with you, plastic may seem unavoidable, but request a café to give you a glass or water or try to purchase a glass bottle of water and reuse that instead! You may also find that the plastic usage creeps in when buying soft drinks, so try to spot the drinks sold in recyclable aluminium cans or glass bottles instead.

5. Go plastic free with your dental care

Herbal Toothpowder

Some of the hidden culprits of plastic pollution are the toothbrushes and other dental care products that we purchase. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives that can get you reducing that plastic pollution! Sustainable alternatives to plastic-free toothpastes are herbal toothpowders or toothpastes which are sold in glass bottles. These prove to be great for your dental health too! Bamboo toothbrushes are a popular alternative to plastic ones, but unfortunately bristles are largely still made of plastic, only making the handle sustainable.

6. Avoid Plastic Stationery

Handmade Lemon Grass Paper - Pack of 24, A4

Stationery shopping for school required us to buy the right papers and only use gel pens, but as adults, we have more choice in the matter, so you can go completely plastic-free if you choose to. One of the best switches that you can make is switching to handmade paper, which is biodegradable and compostable. While regular paper is also biodegradable, the packaging is often made of plastic, and the trees that are used to make the paper take far longer to grow back! Another simple stationery swap is switching to plantable or handmade envelopes, avoiding plastic packaging completely.

7. Go for plastic free gifts

One thing that can be challenging on the plastic-free journey is encouraging your family and friends to understand its benefits. While preaching or pushing them to get on the plastic-free journey might not be the best, why not try gifting them products that show how plastic-free can be a great alternative? You can start small this festive season, with a plastic-free rakhi gift for your sister or sustainable Ganpati decorations!

8. Switch to bamboo

The Good Home Bamboo Storage Basket - Set of 7

While wood is a popular alternative for plastic, bamboo is an even better one. Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, and unlike a lot of trees, the growth rate for bamboo is much faster. Bamboo products are also less prone to rot due to moisture, ensuring that the monsoon weather and humidity don’t ruin the products you buy! From planters, cutlery and sturdy storage containers to speakers and phone covers, you can find a variety of bamboo alternatives to plastic products.


A no plastic July doesn’t mean that you need to make every single change in your routine to no-plastic, but a small swap can make a big difference. Use this plastic free July to be conscious of where you’re consuming plastic and how you can slowly move to a completely zero-plastic lifestyle and be kinder to the planet!

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