10 Unique Rakhi Gift Ideas for 2021

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year in the Hindu month of Shravana (July/August), to signify the emotional bond between siblings. Traditionally, sisters tie rakhis to their brother’s wrists, symbolising their protection from evil and the brothers gift their sisters a present in return. Buy your siblings the perfect gift for Raksha Bandhan from Loopify and make this festive season 100% zero-plastic and sustainable.

Here are some gift ideas for Raksha Bandhan that you can purchase for your sibling, ensuring that your festive season maintains the tradition but also contributes positively to the environment around you!

1. Bamboo Planter Gift Set

Bamboo Planter Gift Set - Set of 4

If your sister has a green thumb, this Bamboo Planter gift set is a great option for her. This set of four contains two cases and two planters, made completely out of bamboo. This product is an alternative to a non-biodegradable plastic planter set, so even if you’re contributing positively with some greenery, the planter will still add to the plastic pollution once your plant outgrows its pot, and you dispose it off. The bamboo planters are completely biodegradable, and bamboo is a great wood to utilise since the plant grows quickly, making it an easy renewable resource. This gift set reduces the plastic pollution by a whopping 95%!

2. Bath Selections Box

Bath Selections Box

This gift box contains a face and body scrub duo by Essentia Extracts, which are the perfect home spa essentials for your sister. These vegan scrubs are made of handpicked seeds that are ground to a fine powder and are a 100% natural. These products don’t use any artificial fragrances and are completely cruelty-free. This is one of the best gifts for sister on rakhi!

3. Elemental Bathing for Men

Elemental Bathing for Men

Along with purchasing him an eco-friendly rakhi online on our website, you can gift your brother this elemental bathing gift set for men. This gift set contains four soaps from Manive, a wellness brand for men drawing inspiration from the elements of the universe – Earth, Wood, Fire and Aqua. These products help make bathing a luxurious experience, using only natural products. Some of the ingredients used include charcoal, geranium, lavender, bergamot, anise and sandalwood, all offering your skin different benefits. This product is sustainable and 100% plastic-free, making it one of the best rakhi gifts for brother.

4. Handmade Designer Gift Hampers

Handmade Designer Gift Hampers

For the stationery-loving sisters, this gift hamper is the perfect present. This hamper contains a magazine/file holder for storing books and files, file with 4 handmade papers, a set of bookmarks, a notebook to pen down your thoughts, a large tray to hold all your papers, a notepad box and an envelope! All the products are made from handmade paper, and the raw materials are upcycled. The packaging for the product is 100% plastic-free, since the product is packed in a paper bag. This product is a great gifting option because after your loved one uses it, everything can be composted!

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5. Wellness Gift Kit for Her

Wellness Gift Kit For Her

The perfect gift for a sister who is a fitness buff is this wellness kit that offers relaxation and pain relief. These hot and cold packs can be a great source of relief for tired muscles. This set includes an eye therapy pack, a basic multipurpose pack, and an aroma therapy spritzer. These herbal packs are filled with 100% natural ingredients of cotton, herbs, grains and essentials oils. These are ergonomically designed to contour to various body parts and can offer circulation after a heavy workout day!

6. Winter Beauty Bundle

Winter Bath & Body Bundle

Perfect for beauty enthusiasts, this spa hamper contains a natural lavender lip scrub, a loofah, and a spa bar with antioxidants from natural ingredients like basil and rosemary. These products are made of completely natural ingredients that are a great gift for your sister and the planet.

7. Deck your Desk Bundle

Deck Your Desk Bundle

One of the best rakhi gift ideas for your younger sister is this deck your desk bundle. This hamper contains plantable pencils, a 100% recyclable notebook, and a photo-frame, which are perfect for her study table. This product is a 100% plastic-free and sustainable, and it can be used and composted in the soil after she uses it.

8. Bamboo Speaker

Electricity Free Bamboo Docking Station

For all the music-loving sisters and brothers, this bamboo docking station and sound amplifier is a great rakhi gift idea. This is a handy speaker with no cables, power source or charging required, and is completely lightweight and eco-friendly. These bamboo speakers amplify the bass and volume to give you an amazing musical experience with your phone and it supports devices of different sizes and weights. The product is packed using 100% zero plastic, making this a sustainable Raksha bandhan gift!

9. Pamper Hamper

Pamper Hamper

The pamper hamper is a truly luxurious present for your sister, containing a selection of handmade goodies. This gift hamper is delivered in a quality red gift box with a personalized gift card, containing one cleansing cube and any two face and body scrubs from Shantae.

10. The Masterchef Hamper

The Masterchef Hamper

If your sister has become a home chef over the lockdown, so here's a hamper for her and our planet. The apron is made of upcycled denim and the bottle is made of copper. Both these products are made with 100% sustainable materials and contain 0% plastic.


Loopify is a zero-plastic marketplace with eco-friendly products. Check out the website for the best rakhi gift ideas this festive season, with our large range of cruelty-free, sustainable products. We offer a range of eco-friendly gift hampers for every festival that you can think of, and every product you purchase from us reduces the amount of plastic pollution and carbon emissions sent out into the environment.

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