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What's about?

It's about taking a small step towards making our planet a greener, cleaner and happier place to live. The earth is a closed loop, and our products should be, too.

Plastic is a pandemic. Sure, it's cheap and durable, but it has wreaked havoc across the globe, clogging streets, choking marine life and contaminating crops. We’ve all heard about it, we’re starting to see it and now it’s time to do something. That’s where we come in.

At Loopify, we believe that every small contribution counts – so whether you decide to get yourself an organic soap or make your entire home plastic-free, we’ve got it all for you and our planet!

What's about?

It's about taking a small step towards making our planet a greener, cleaner and happier place to live.Read more

How does it work?

Here's what people have to say…

  • Meera Madan

    "Buying Rakhi is deeply emotional & shouldn't come at the cost of the environment so I am glad that Loopify came to my rescue and the Earth's!"

    Meera Madan

  • Vishnu Kanth Gokul

    “In these times of COVID19 when we face so many delivery issues, with team Loopify we are all smiles. They make it as easy as it gets. Cheers!"

    Vishnu Kanth Gokul

  • Kavitha Sheshadri

    "We received mother nature as a gift from our forefathers to cherish with our children. With Loopify gifting too shall now help save our planet."

    Kavitha Sheshadri

  • Sneha Tiwari

    "Searching plastic-free gifts for friends & family has been a struggle. Thanks to Loopify, now I don't have to go through the same anxiety anymore!"

    Sneha Tiwari

  • Sandeep Saigal

    "According to me, Loopify gives a new and guilt-free dimension to parties and events. I exactly know where to go when I want to say no to plastic!"

    Sandeep Saigal

  • Shruti Vachaspati

    "If you are conscious and often disappointed hunting for sustainable gifts, Loopify is the place for you! Absolutely Awesome initiative."

    Shruti Vachaspati

  • Vineet Bhandari

    "Not all Superhero's wear capes, some just make the right choices like the ones who use Loopify."

    Vineet Bhandari

  • Vaibhav Goradia

    "Don't mind partying like an animal but high time our joy doesn't let the animals or nature suffer. A great initiative! Hope everyone follows suit."

    Vaibhav Goradia

  • Madhuri Shukla

    "I've always wished to be more conscious with our every-day choices and as a family who is big on celebrations, Loopify is our go-to place now."

    Madhuri Shukla

  • Shraddha Tripathi

    "As a mother, I want to preserve this planet for my children to enjoy just like I did and celebrate guilt-free. Loopify helped my dream come true"

    Shraddha Tripathi

  • Narottam Jajodia

    "Kudos to Loopify for attempting to reduce the consumption of the world's most hazardous commodity, plastic."

    Narottam Jajodia

  • Avantika

    "Doing the right and the easy thing has never been so easy and convenient. Glad, Loopify made it possible by providing sustainable alternatives!"


  • Anushree Singh

    "I never knew that we could go completely sustainable with celebrations too! Thanks to Loopify, now even the earth will celebrate its existence."

    Anushree Singh

  • Sampada Venkatesh

    "With Loopify's initiative, I'm sure people around will become more responsible. Glad they've come up with this collection of sustainable celebrations!"

    Sampada Venkatesh

  • Vickram Valechha

    "In the process of coming together to enjoy events & parties, we create a huge amount of waste. I appreciate Loopify's effort to help us choose better."

    Vickram Valechha

A Loopify product is always...

100% plastic-free

All our products and packaging are absolutely plastic-free!

Locally sourced

All our products are sourced from locations closest to where you are to keep the carbon footprint low and empower local businesses


None of our products are tested on animals


All our products are made from natural ingredients