Have you ever tried defining the term "sustainability"?

Is it something to do with being plastic-free or recyclability or wastage or is it just a notion of what we perceive is good for our planet? Varying perspectives and expectations can make it difficult to pin-point a dependable answer.

The Loopify Sustainability Index (LSI) is our attempt in solving this conundrum for our customers and hence, living up to our promise.

The LSI takes a holistic approach by taking into account multiple complex and yet practical factors to arrive at a tangible measure. The aim is to help our customers precisely understand the impact they create when they choose to buy our product over its non-sustainable alternatives.

How does it work?

We analyse the product from "source to delivery" on two critical parameters that drives sustainability:


Different types of input materials from raw material to packaging


Process metrics that quantify how the product is made and delivered

Based on the above, we use a proprietary model to quantify and score your favourite Loopify products.

We have further considered additional sustainability parameters such as biodegradability, use of upcycled materials, veganism, etc. These are chosen based on well researched global guidelines.

Finally, the parameters are weighted based on criticality.
Effectively, rating accounts for each product over its life cycle, across its supply chain with all its input content.

The product’s LSI is an outcome of our responsible rating mechanism, using our patented framework.

The purpose is to provide transparency and accountability to our customers, which is at the heart of Loopify - you, our product choices, our vendors and our stakeholders. We are proud of your contribution in this vision for a conscious eco-system.