Sustainable Living: The benefits of going eco-friendly

The importance of eco-friendly products has been highlighted a lot over the past few years, especially during the pandemic, where we noticed how the environment transformed without human intervention. Eco-friendly is all about making decisions that are consciously benefitting the environment and not adding pressure to our natural resources. Even one small swap can make a huge difference! Here are some benefits of using eco-friendly products.

1. You reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment

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People also tend to not think about plastic other than some of the obvious culprits like disposable bottles, but everything from shampoo bottles to toothpaste packaging tend to contain plastic too and pollute the environment on their disposal. Sustainable alternatives to these products like shampoo bars or toothpaste tablets are great because you also have a chance to notice what plastics are less obvious and you can educate people around you about the same!

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2. You can reuse a lot of sustainable products

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One of the biggest culprits of plastic waste during the festive season is the decoration used through our houses. While those bring in the festive spirit and maintain tradition, there are several alternatives from cloth lanterns to copper tea light holders that are great alternatives to using plastic decorations that you end up throwing away! These are great for gifting too, because you can encourage your family to celebrate sustainably but also gift them something beautiful and useful!

3. You support local businesses

Supporting local businesses over the pandemic has been an important part of enabling people to stay afloat! One of the biggest benefits of switching to eco-friendly products is that you ensure that you are not only reducing the amount of plastic waste generated but also helping out local artisans! Some businesses often try to also get people back to their Indian roots, by using Indian patterns with a modern twist in items like baby blankets and earrings. These businesses ensure that they highlight the importance of sustainable products.

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4. You reduce the amount of chemicals you’re exposed to

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One of the hidden evils of plastic is that we’re exposed to a large amount of chemicals through it. BPA is one such chemical that is found in some plastics that store food and water, that can damage your system in the long run. While several plastics are said to be BPA-free, similar chemicals are still used in their making. Switching to food that are stored in glass containers is one great alternative to avoid BPAs, so instead of gifting a jar of chocolate spread in a plastic container, you can gift this chocolate hazelnut spread to your niece or nephew!

It’s also good to think about microplastics that can be hidden in your body scrubs and shower gels, because these microplastics remain in the soil and do not fully decompose. They pollute the environment around them, so even if you’re conservative with your water usage and are mindful of reducing single plastic usage, your shower might still be creating some plastic waste that you didn’t think of! Switching to natural body scrubs is great because they’re chemical and cruelty free.


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