Eco friendly Rakhi Ideas

Across India, people are recognising the need for eco-friendly festivities to both preserve tradition and contribute positively to the planet. This Raksha Bandhan, Loopify shows you how you can celebrate a completely zero-plastic festive season, starting with the rakhis themselves. There are a large variety of rakhis that we offer, which are all sustainable and handmade options with several design options, and you can also make your own! Check out our website for some eco friendly rakhi ideas!

1. Plantable Rakhis

Mandala Rakhi

Plantable products have been increasingly popular over the past few years because they significantly reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste. They are a great way to recycle paper and contribute to reforestation, since it encourages plant growth in our households and beyond.

Plantable rakhis are of different types and can serve different purposes. You can buy your brother a simple plantable rakhi made of cotton, with some seeds embedded in them. Some of our plantable rakhis are made of seed paper, which means after the festivities of the day are complete, you can put the paper directly in the soil and soak it, and a few days later a plant will emerge. Some rakhis, like this pearl shell rakhi, can also be disposed in the soil to improve the nutrients for your plants! If you want to go all out, you can also purchase a plantable gift set for your brother, with a rakhi, stationery and other trinkets that are eco-friendly and useful presents!

All these products are completely handmade, which gives it that special and personal touch this festive season. For details on how to plant your rakhis, you can check out the details on each product page or with the product packaging.

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2. Upcycled and Cotton Rakhis

DIY Dessert Rose Handmade Rakhi - Blue & Pink

Upcycling fabric is a great way of ensuring that we don’t keep adding waste to an already material-heavy world. It makes use of already existing resources and thus, utilises fewer raw materials and keeps unwanted items like plastic out of the environment. We offer a variety of rakhis made of upcycled fabric with a variety of designs. Some designs have beads or cartoon characters that can be reused as a necklace, making it a gift for both your brother and you!

If upcycled rakhis are not to your preference, but you would like cotton rakhis, we have a range of hand-crocheted rakhis too! They come in a variety of designs, from superhero themes to cartoon themes, which is one of the best rakhi gift for brother.

3. How to make an eco-friendly rakhi

Car Rakhi

If you want to make this festive season special, you can also discover some eco friendly rakhi making ideas for yourself! For an upcycled rakhi, all you need is the fabric of your choice, ribbon/wool to securely tie around your brother’s wrist and glue or needle and thread. You can create the rakhi of your choice, you can even use clay for the decoration if you have some spare or take beads and charms from your jewellery box and use them on the rakhi. This can be the perfect Raksha Bandhan gift for your brother, making it personalised to his taste!


Loopify is one of the best marketplaces to buy an eco-friendly rakhi online. We are a completely zero-plastic sustainable marketplace, offering a large variety of eco-friendly products for all your festive needs! We have eco-friendly gift hampers to give your sister on Raksha Bandhan and a variety of rakhi presents that would be great for your brother during this festival. Check out the website for the gift ideas this festive season, with our large range of cruelty-free, sustainable products. Every product you purchase from us reduces the amount of plastic pollution and carbon emissions sent out into the environment.

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