Top 15 Corporate Diwali Gifts ideas for employees in 2021

Undoubtedly, Diwali is one of the most popular, celebrated, and loved festivals in India. It holds significant importance in both India as well as in foreign countries. The festival of lights is not only celebrated by Hindus but also by many other cultures across the globe.

One of the loved traditions of Diwali is to show love and affection by exchanging gifts with your loved ones. It is not only customary for friends and family; recent studies show an increase in the trend of corporate gifting as well.

In the corporate world, it is vital to make your employees, customer and clients feel valued and treasured. What better way to show them you care than some meaningful eco-friendly gift hampers? At Loopify, you can browse through our extensive range of eco-friendly products and choose the gift that suits your budget and needs; or simply choose from our well-curated and elegant range of eco-friendly corporate gifts. When looking for Diwali gift ideas for employees, you must choose something that they will truly appreciate the gift. To make your decision easier, we have curated the top 15 Corporate Diwali Gifts ideas that are a total hit:

15. Herb Garden

Herb Garden

No, we are not suggesting you give seeds as a part of our corporate Diwali gifts ideas. These are plantable hampers consisting of Grow your Greens Kit, notebook, pencils and diyas. The notebook, pencil and diyas are compostable after their use. It is a perfect gift especially if you have a nature-loving team or staff.

14. Kitchen Essentials

Eclectic Kitchen Cornucopia

These 100% sustainable kitchen essentials make ideal Diwali gift ideas for office staff. The bundle consists of organic savoury bajra bites, handmade cookies, a set of different flavoured teas, a sleek copper bottle, upcycled aprons, Grow Your Greens kit and plantable diyas.

13. Stationery Kits

Stationery Kit

No matter how old we get, a concoction of adorable stationery never fails to make us smile. This is one of the most practical Diwali gift ideas for employees. This plantable kit consists of a notebook, 5 coasters, 8 bookmarks, 4 postcards, 8 gift tags, 5 gift envelopes, 4 thank you cards, and 2 neem pencils. To dispose of all of them, all you have to do is sow them and watch them grow into plants!

12. Bath & Body Kits

Bath and Body Self Care & Spa Gift Hamper Kit with Hibiscus Clay Mask

We have various bath and body kits which are a must-have for any relaxing night. This hamper box contains 8 items - anti-ageing mask, face clay mask, Lip scrub, under eye cream, 2 handcrafted soaps, coconut bowl set. We understand skin care needs are different for every individual. And that is why, we have different clay mask options such as Hibiscus, Pink, Charcoal and Purple.

11. Bamboo Gift Set

Bamboo Planter Gift Set - Set of 4

One of the most sophisticated corporate Diwali Gifts ideas has to be our Bamboo Gift Set. This set includes 2 cases and 2 planters which can be used for multiple purposes. They add an elegant touch to the décor and lifts any room.

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10. Green Dream Desk

In the list of Diwali gift ideas for employees, this hamper stands out as compared to others. The hamper contains a selection of work essentials – pens, a notebook, a lunch bag, a coffee mug and earphone organizers, all made with materials that are good for you, and great for our planet! The pens are plantable, as are the notebooks, which can be used as compost after use. The wooden earphone organizer is a chic way to ensure your earphones aren’t always in a tangle. The jute bag sets a sustainable style statement at the lunch table, and the cute ceramic mug will give you, and your chai, the right companion.

9. Host With The Most Collection

Host with the Most Collection

Home décor with a sustainable twist is an absolute winner in Corporate Diwali Gifts ideas. The hamper consists of Marigold Organic Tea, Apple Spice Organic Tea, Bamboo Bottle with tea infuser and strainer, Photo Frame, set of 6 Cork Coasters with Quotes, Grow Your Greens Kit, set of 2 Natural Handcrafted Coconut Bowls and Tangy lemongrass soy candle with frost glass jar & wooden lid.

8. Work Essentials Collection

A collection of sustainable work essentials is ideal as a Diwali gift ideas for office staff. It contains Grow Your Greens Kit that has a planter made from coconut fiber and comes with seeds to add some green to your desk, Pastel Abstract Ceramic Mug, Bamboo Diary with Bamboo Pen and Bamboo Speaker and Desk Organiser.

7. Soulful Foods

Festive Foodie Fiesta

What better way to make your way to the heart of your employees? Our hamper of delicious and lip-smacking food is one of our favourite employee Diwali gift ideas. This hamper contains delightful ad healthy granola, a jar of handmade beetroot & dark chocolate cookies, a serving of savoury bajra bites and tea scented candles to light up the Diwali festive spirit.

6. Desk Organizers

Nature Lover’s Desk Organizer

As we are coming back to the office, it would be a nice way to welcome your employees back with desk organizers. It is a safe and well-known corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees and does not require much nitpicking. It contains a diary, a foldable pen stand, a visiting card holder and a slip box.

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5. Planet Lover’s Dream Desk

Planet Lover’s Dream Desk

Corporate Diwali Gifts ideas at Loopify are incomplete without thinking of the environment. If you have nature lovers amongst you, this plant lover’s dream desk is a perfect choice. The set contains Bamboo Diary with Bamboo Pen, Teak Wood Earphone Organiser, Marigold Organic Tea, Apple Spice Organic Tea, Pastel Abstract Ceramic Mug, and set of 6 cork coasters.

4. Spa Day Collection

Spa Day Collection – 2

All of us need some relaxing time and hence, the Spa Day Collection is a worthy Diwali gift ideas for employees! The hamper contains Annato Spa Bar, Multani-mitti mask with activated minerals, Himalayan rose face mask, Nature Fiber Loofah, Natural Coffee Body Scrub, Marigold Organic Tea, Apple Spice Organic Tea and Tangy lemongrass soy candle with frost glass jar & wooden lid. These products are made of 100% natural ingredients that are good for you, and great for our planet. They’re also packed in 100% plastic-free materials!

3. Tea Time Gourmet Goodies

Tea-time Gourmet Goodies

Corporate Diwali gifts ideas would be incomplete if we didn’t add luxury tea-time goodies to the list! There’s a serving of ginger, jaggery and fennel seed bajra bites, six-grain crackers that are loaded with fiber and nutrients, and a jar of fiery oven baked peri peri cashews, jars of Californian almonds – one dipped in coffee chocolate, and the other in dark chocolate, blueberry cheesecake flavoured tea and a beautiful copper bottle!

2. The Festive Foodie Collection

The Festive Foodie Collection – 2

What’s Diwali without diyas, snacks and some refreshing drinks? This gift hamper contains all three! The diyas are made of metal, making them 100% plastic-free. The snacks and teas 100% natural ingredients, absolutely ZERO preservatives and are packed in ZERO plastic. Diwali equals dry fruits, but these come with a delicious twist! There’s a jar of fiery peri peri oven-baked cashews and a serving of Californian almonds dipped in dark chocolate. There are also two tins of tea – a flavourful, refreshing marigold and a relaxing apple spice. Lastly, there are some savoury crackers – bajra crackers seasoned with ginger, jaggery and fennel seeds, and six-grain crackers loaded with the right nutrients.

1. Customized Accessories

This has to be our #1 choice for Diwali gift ideas for employees. Any type of company customized gift helps to create a sense of unity and loyalty. We have various customization options such as mugs, calendars, copper bottles, notepads, jute bags, pens, etc.

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