About us

Loopify Earth

Loopify started with a singular aim – to make our planet a greener, cleaner and happier place to live for everyone. We want to make people feel good about doing good, without any compromise on quality.

We are a marketplace that offers 100% plastic-free, sustainable products for gifting, events, festivals and everyday living.

Through our range of carefully curated products, we hope to show our customers that the switch to sustainability can start small, without any compromise on quality.

Think sustainable living, think Loopify.
Because we’re happy when our planet is happy!

Sustainable products

100% plastic-free

Full disclosure

100% transparency

Measurable impact

Every purchase adds up!

A Loopify product is always...

100% plastic-free

All our products and packaging are absolutely plastic-free!

Locally sourced

All our products are sourced from locations closest to where you are to keep the carbon footprint low and empower local businesses


None of our products are tested on animals


All our products are made from natural ingredients

Say hello to our team!

  • Saurabh Gupta
    Saurabh Gupta Co-Founder | Guitarist

    Saurabh is working towards a trash-free world. By launching Loopify, Saurabh has combined two of his greatest passions: solving complex design problems, and creating a cure for the plastic pandemic.

  • Hemal Gathani
    Hemal Gathani Co-Founder | Semi-Pro Wildife Photographer

    Hemal is an ardent wildlife photographer who enjoys seeing animals in their natural habitat. By launching Loopify, he hopes to ensure that we conserve our wildife, our forests, our resources and the world around us.

  • Muneesh Kapoor
    Muneesh Kapoor Lead UI Developer | Sudoku Enthusiast

    Being a news buff, Muneesh is aware of the harmful effects of global warming. He endeavours to adopt a minimalist lifestyle and thereby help reduce his carbon footprint. Loopify is his way of contributing to the cause.

  • Shweta Jain
    Shweta Jain Business Development | Nature Lover

    Rarely found without a book in her vicinity, Shweta is a number cruncher and execution specialist who loves solving problems. She brings retail expertise to the team and believes no effort is too small to make a difference, and Loopify is her way of proving it.

  • Avani Mehta
    Avani Mehta Operations | Entrepreneur

    Avani enjoys a minimalist lifestyle and encourages reusing and sharing of resources. She believes in conscious consumerism. She would like to change the world through Loopify, one consumer at a time.

  • Tanvi Purohit
    Tanvi Purohit Design & Marketing | Crazy Catdog Lady

    Tanvi believes that no contribution is too small: whether it’s through sustainable living or social work, it’s important to participate in making the world a better place. Besides Loopify, she is involved in feeding and finding homes for stray and abandoned animals.

  • Bhavini Prajapati
    Bhavini Prajapati Admin, Operations | Upcycling Enthusiast

    A creative upcycling enthusiast who loves to create products out of waste or unwanted materials, Bhavini is passionate about making an impact on the environment. She helps us find sustainability partners who fit the bill at Loopify.

  • Vidhi Maru
    Vidhi Maru Designer | Dog Lover

    Vidhi believes in living with bare minimum products as far as possible and tries to minimise the use of materials which usually tend to harm our environment in a direct or indirect way. At Loopify, she designs experiences to help customers do the same.

  • Chaitanya Mishra
    Chaitanya Mishra Business Development | Satvik Chef

    Chaitanya believes that extending love to the earth improves the health of not just the planet, but also every living being. She follows Ayurveda, practices yoga and meditation, and is a budding Satvik chef who is always on the lookout for natural, healthy ingredients.

  • Harshal Tote
    Harshal Tote Lead UI Developer | Dog Lover

    Harshal tries to ensure that he plants atleast one tree in a month. He believes in buying based on needs, rather than wants, and reuses as much as possible. With Loopify, he’s able to be part of a cause that encourages people start their own journey to sustainable living.

  • Sugesh Sugathan
    Sugesh Sugathan Marketing | Nature Lover

    Sugesh co-ordinates Marketing & Media efforts for Loopify. He believes in a minimalist lifestyle, and loves being surrounded by nature.

  • Arushi Sethi
    Arushi Sethi Marketing | Backpacker

    "Away, away, from men and towns, To the wildwood and the downs…. Where the soul need not repress its music.” That is where Arushi’s heart thrives. She cares about connecting with the universal grid, and sustainable living is the route.

  • Harshad Shetty
    Harshad Shetty Design | Beatmaker

    Harshad is a graphic and sound designer whose music is a soundtrack and tribute to nature – especially the ocean, and passing clouds. He believes in living an adventurous and enriching life, and wishes to make an impact on the world around him every single day. After learning more about our planet, he is slowly but surely working towards adopting a more conscious lifestyle.

  • Vignesh V
    Vignesh Velmani Catalogue Executive | Plantsman

    Vignesh believes that our activities today should not cause any harm to our society in the long run. He loves listening to music and reading up on the latest in tech, and is passionate about nature and animals. Enthusiastic about plants, his green thumb has led him to make our planet greener and healthier in his own little way.

  • Ruchit Panchal
    Ruchit Panchal Business Development | Wanderluster

    Ruchit is a Business Development Maestro who believes in making human connections to deliver great experiences. He believes that sustainability is no longer about doing less harm, it’s about doing more good. As part of this endeavour, he is part of a social community and regularly contributes to distributing food packs and other necessities to the underprivileged.